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What should my percentage body fat be?

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

DEXA is the ultimate body fat calculator and lean muscle monitor.

It is literally x-ray vision for arse and your abs which lets you see what’s really happening with your body fat levels and muscle mass.

You get a whole lot more information from your DEXA scan than just your body fat but we find the first thing most clients want to know is….

“So what’s my percentage body fat?” closely followed by “Is that good?”

So let’s break that down.

What’s good and what’s normal are of course relative, but we all know that carrying excess fat can increase the risk of lifestyle diseases.

It’s within that general health context that we use the guidelines below with all our clients for considering their percentage body fat and health risk.

Guidelines for assessing your body fat for general health

So once you know the ranges and where you sit, what then?

We recommend you work with your team of health professionals (your PT or your dietitian or your doctor) to work out what changes you want to see and what you need to do to achieve them.

With us, you get more than a just a DEXA scan – you get a consultation with an accredited practicing dietitian who is experienced and qualified to answer your questions and offer responsible health advice.

We’re also happy to talk to your PT/dietitian/doctor… or if you don’t have a team yet, we can suggest the right services to help you achieve your goals. You won’t always have access to this sort of experience when you book for a DEXA scan, so don’t be afraid to ask the person who does your scan what their experience and qualifications are.

Why we have long appointments

Because we want to help you learn as much as you can about your body and your health from your scan, your first appointment with us will be 30-minutes. We’ll take about 10 minutes to perform the scan and the rest of the time we’ll spend explaining your scan results with plenty of time to run through all the info you get from your report and answer all your questions.

But remember….

Your scan results will give you YOUR number. It is your baseline for measuring and monitoring your changes. The only comparison you need to make is against yourself as you work towards your goals. What is considered optimal body fat and muscle mass for someone else will probably be different for a whole range of factors… genetics, activity levels, dietary intake, and any specific goal. The sweet spot is going to be very different for a marathon runner, a rugby union player, a bodybuilder and, of course, for you!

Got questions? Drop us an email at

But most importantly… book your scan NOW and find out your DEXA health.

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