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DEXA is NOT just for elite athletes or CrossFitters and body builders.

Busting the myth that DEXA scans are only for sporty, fit people and talks about measuring visceral fat.

There is a perception that DEXA scans are for sporty people, elite athletes or CrossFitters.

We do love them as clients and our dietitians Amie annd Dayn specialise in those areas but…

One of the other markers of a DEXA scan - which is a little bit more pertinent to my background and the clientele that I usually work with - is the visceral fat reading.

Your visceral fat reading measures fat on a different level - looking specifically at the fat in your body that is the high risk fat.

Visceral fat is the deeper fat, it lies in and around your organs and we know from research that if we're holding a bit too much visceral fat we can be at higher risk of developing chronic disease.

Visceral fat can also be influenced by your cultural background so sometimes just looking at your overall body fat percentage doesn't always indicate the risk factor specific for you.

That's just another aspect of the DEXA scan which is really specific to DEXA that you don't get with any other tool for measuring or predicting body composition.

It is really valuable in terms of monitoring your overall health status and health profiling. Read our post about What everybody can learn from their DEXA scan here.

If you'd like any more information, email us at … we always love to answer any of your questions, or book an appointment here.

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