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Are you drinking your calories?

This conversation shocks a lot of people but…

Did you know there are 80 calories in a small skim milk coffee and 180-200 in a full cream medium coffee?

Which doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s actually the same amount of calories I recommend for almost a snack.

So if you are having a coffee with your morning or afternoon tea (with yoghurt and fruit or wholegrain crackers and cheese), you are actually having two snacks in one sitting.

Or 400-500 calories. Which is a main meal calorie allocation.

And that’s before you add syrup or sugar or upsize to a grande.

No one is saying coffee is bad!

We love our coffee and can’t get through a day without it, so I’m not saying don’t drink coffee.

But our advice is…

  • Just choose one or the other – coffee or snack; especially if you are buying a medium – large size coffee!

  • If you need to eat something, get coffee and just have some nuts or the tub of yoghurt of half your normal snack size.

  • Can you skip the milk or have an espresso? Or try switching your latte for a macchiato to reduce the amount of milk you’re adding (the milk has most of the calories)

  • And definitely, always ditch the syrup, the sugar, and the upsize!

  • If you are having a small skim coffee – well the snack can almost stay the same!

And be aware what your coffee habit does to your daily calorie intake. Other places calories hide throughout the day…

  • Protein shakes on water usually start at about 115 calories and if you have it with milk, that’s 215 calories. If you are eating breakfast or dinner not long after you train (with protein) you don’t need the extra hit (see this blog post over at Target Nutrition about protein shakes for more detail) .

  • If you are like me, a teaspoon (or two) of peanut butter helps stave off hunger BUT if you have it as well as your planned snack, you could be adding up to 100 calories to your daily count.

  • No surprises here but a standard 6 oz glass of dry wine with 15% alcohol has 175 calories.

  • Or a bottle of wine equates to about ½ a loaf of bread in calories (sorry to ruin that for you).

  • Swapping from fatty cuts of meat to lean cuts of meat can save ~100 calories per meal.

Things we add to our meals without thinking but the calories can stack up…

  • Salad dressings can contain up to 60 calories in just one serve.

  • Tomato sauce is about 19 calories per serve (which is just one tablespoon).

  • And a tablespoon of butter on your toast bumps your calories up by around 100 calories and a tablespoon is about 40 calories.

None of this is meant to make you feel guilty but if you have goals, these are the hard facts about the small things that could be holding you back. Got questions? Drop us an email at But most importantly… book your scan NOW and find out your DEXA health!

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