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Take a look at a typical client DEXA scan

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I had a client recently who was brave enough to let me record a Facebook live of her scan!

Check out the video above or via the link here – it’s a really honest (and unpolished!) look at having a consult and scan with us. (And it might help prepare you for what I look like on a Saturday morning after 5 hours of seeing clients ha ha!)

So this client, Marnie, is just your everyday chick (she doesn't mind me saying that) who had just come off more than 12 months doing a lot of running. She had trained for her first marathon in New York November 2017 and in June and July 2018 she spent five weeks in France where she didn’t have gym access but could run every morning. (Marnie writes a champagne blog so we always have to be a bit flexible with her meal plans to accommodate her occupational hazard!)

By Marnie's own admission, her diet was way out of balance.

"I knew I had gotten a bit complacent with my training in the first half of 2018 so for the last six weeks, I had been back into weights training and had really tightened up my diet. I even had no champagne for 5 weeks – Amie was so proud!"

"But I was going crazy looking at the scales every week which were saying I was gaining weight!"

Marnie said she'd worked with me long enough to knows the scales can’t always be trusted, BUT she wanted to make sure what she was doing was working. 

So we did her scan which showed she had lost fat and gained muscle… which was a huge boost to her motivation to stay focused on the plans we’d created because they were working.

In her words... "I was really pleased with the scan results and went away motivated and pumped to come into the new year and see how much further I could go!"

If you aren't sure your training and diet are working and you need help to plan your meals or measure your fat loss or muscle gain, BOOK HERE for a consultation with a dietitian or DEXA scan.

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