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Polladhavan Full Movie With English Subtitles thicger




Plot Raju (Dhanush) and Ponnappa (Daniel Balaji) are in a gang in Chennai which extorts money from rich people. Ponnappa's business partner Govind (Kishore Kumar G.) is in a position to bribe people, which makes Raju fall out with him. He encounters Divya (Divya Spandana), the daughter of a rich businessman, who seeks to free herself of her arranged marriage, which is being orchestrated by her family. Raju witnesses Govind bribing a rich lady into marriage, which reveals that Govind is in fact Ponnappa's brother. Ponnappa insists that the two be killed before his wedding. He gives Raju Rs.25,000, which he does not have, but tells him that he will pay up when he becomes a millionaire. Divya, who is unaware of his criminal background, falls in love with him. Her father is unsupportive of their relationship, and asks Divya to end it. Raju gives the money to Govind, who wants to take Divya with him, but Raju goes to her. Seeing Raju and Divya, Ponnappa asks him to take her with him. The police are after them and begin to fire at them. They take refuge in a house where the house owner, Raaja (Santhanam N.), had been bribed. Raju is shot by a police officer on the phone and dies in Divya's arms. Divya leaves the house and walks to the house of the police officer, demanding to know why Raju had been killed. The officer begins to cry and admits to having killed Raju on the phone. He also tells her that he was bribed to allow Raju to die. He asks her to give up her plan to become a singer, for he cannot allow that. He takes her away, while two other men from Ponnappa's gang are killed by a rival gang. The movie ends with Divya and Raaja deciding to get married. Cast Dhanush as Raju Divya Spandana as Divya Daniel Balaji as Ponnappa Kishore Kumar G. as Govind Aruna as Ponnappa's sister Santhanam N. as Raaja Manivannan Kalabhavan Mani as Police Commissioner Kovai Sarala as Raju's mother Manobala as Bhask




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Polladhavan Full Movie With English Subtitles thicger
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