Do you own a gym, box or PT service and want to work with a sports and dietetic-led DEXA team?

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

I’m Amie Cox, I own Physique Science and Target Nutrition in Brisbane (Newstead) and on the Gold Coast (Bundall).

I am a sports dietitian and accredited practicing dietitian at Target Nutrition, and bought Physique Science in Brisbane a little over 18 months ago and have just opened a new clinic on the Gold Coast in January.

Why does it matter that our DEXA service is sports and dietetic-led?

The service we offer is very different from the other DEXA services being offered in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast that sit within radiology clinics because... 

Our team are all qualified dietitians … so not only do we understand the scan results, but we are qualified to offer nutritional advice to your clients to help them meet their goals. And if your clients have private health extras cover, they may be eligible for a rebate for their scan. 

We have sports and fitness backgrounds... My background is in Crossfit and weightlifting and Steff is a group fitness instructor and has played competitive netball. So we get it.

All of my team are female... which is a subtle but significant difference. Having a DEXA scan consult can be a very confronting experience. While there is a lot more to the scan, we know most clients focus on one or two numbers they get at the end - % body fat and lean muscle mass. And if they don’t like what they see, it can be really hard.

We work with clients like yours every day who are working really hard to make big (and small) changes. So we make sure we have plenty of time to talk about the results so every client leaves our suites and heads back to you feeling empowered and pumped for change. We arm them with everything they need from our service to succeed in the work they do with you… or at least we will give them every chance to feel that way.

We use DEXA because it is the most accurate way to measure body composition.

DEXA is the tool of choice for the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) because it is the most accurate means of measuring your body composition.

I've seen clients scanned on InBody scales in their gym a few minutes apart and get a 5-8% difference in readings.

Even with an ISAK accredited technician doing your skinfolds, the results are still "operator dependent" which means they will vary depending on the technician's technique, and can even vary from day to day with the same technician. And they don't give you any information about muscle mass or bone health, they are just based on your surface fat.

You can read my full analysis on DEXA V InBody and other techniques here.

We work with lots of gyms and professional teams... gym owners, personal trainers, cross fit boxes, dietitians, exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, and even psychologists!

We are the DEXA providers of choice for the dietitians and strength and conditioning teams at the Brisbane Lions, AFLW Lions, Brisbane Broncos, Queensland Firebirds, Queensland Reds, The Wallabies and The Queensland Academy of Sport.

But we love working with any client who wants to get a baseline for their body composition, better understand their body composition, or look at how our nutrition advice can support their goals and the services they get from you.

Want to take a look at a typical client DEXA scan? 

I had a client recently who was brave enough to let me record a Facebook live of her scan!

Check out the video and the background here – it’s a really honest (and unpolished!) look at having a consult and scan with us .... and it might help prepare your clients for what I look like on a Saturday morning after 5 hours of seeing clients haha!

Well that was much longer than I planned when I started this blog post, but that’s our story of everyday life here at Physique Science.

We’d love to help your clients too

We always recommend trainers or coaches referring their clients have a scan with us first. 

So we offer DEXA discounts to trainers and fitness professionals who register their credentials with us... $50 instead of $90.

We also offer discounts for small and large groups and I’d really like to chat with you, learn more about your business, and maybe there are ways we can work together.



For more info, please email me today

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