Physique Science Gold Coast OPENS 29 JANUARY

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Our new DEXA service will be opening on 29 January to help you with your new year goals.

We will be co-located with Target Nutrition and our team will be offering both DEXA and dietetic services.

DEXA Body Composition Assessment Consults

Dietitian Consults

  • Initial consult and meal plan development - $110

  • Review Consult - $80

We offer one-on-one dietitian consultations where we will provide you with tailored, evidence-based dietary advice to suit your individual needs.

  • general healthy eating

  • body composition changes

  • weight/fat loss

  • muscle gain

  • athletic performance (including CrossFit, weightlifting, professional sports)

  • food intolerance/allergies

  • issues with fertility 

  • medical conditions such as diabetes, PCOS, heart disease etc.

If you are a PT or gym owner, email me today to find out about our special offers...

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