Meet Jacinta King

Hi…. my name is Jacinta - I'm an accredited practicing dietitian and nutritionist at Physique Science.

Most of the time I spend working as a clinical dietitian and the areas I specialise in - and love working in - are in chronic disease management and helping people who have undergone weight loss surgery.

I've been practicing for about six years and the thing I love most about what I do is helping people lead a better life with better nutrition. I love it when they realise how good they can feel and how much energy they can have through better nutrition.

Working at Physique Science I enjoy being able to track body composition changes, not just fat and muscle, but also those other important aspects of health like the bone mineral density and visceral fat.

These changes are really important for the clients I work and their long-term medical health.

My passion is to help people love food while nourishing their body in a way which meets their nutritional needs, fits in with their life, family and friends... and simply just makes them feel good!

I have been performing DEXA scans and using them with my nutrition consulting for more than three years.

I find DEXA to be an invaluable tool for helping people understand and appreciate all parts of their body, and it helps to individualise their health and body composition goals.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at … we love to answer any of your questions.

Or book an appointment for a DEXA scan here.

Jacinta's Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition & Dietetics)(Hons)

  • ​Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement Studies)(Hons) ​Accredited Nutritionist

  • Acredited Practicing Dietitian

  • Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA)

  • Associate Member of the Australian & New Zealand Metabolic & Obesity Surgery Society

  • ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist

  • Certified Clinical Densitometrist

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