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DEXA You get a whole lot more information from your DEXA scan that just your percentage body fat...

We've got a sample DEXA report here you can check out 

We've aslo got an infographic to summarise all the words below.

But here's a breakdown of the key info you will learn from your body composition consultation with Physique Science.

This is the one everyone seems most interested in so we'll cover this first.

  • We all know that carrying excess fat can increase the risk of lifestyle diseases 
  • Your DEXA scan will tell you your percentage body fat 
  • It also tells you the total weight of your body fat and it breaks this down to different parts of your body

  • And again, DEXA breaks this down into different regions of the body so you can see if you are over-training or under-training any areas
  • Maintaining your lean muscle mass (especially as you age) has significant implications on your health (check out our blog post about sarcopenia)

  • Monitoring your bone health is a big deal (especially for women) as osteoporosis is a big problem... prevention is much better than the cure.
  • Because we perform a full body scan, the bone health reading is indicative rather than diagnostic. For a diagnostic scan, you need to have a smaller scan of just your hip and your lower back. But when we go through your report, if we think this result should be looked at in more detail, we will suggest you visit your GP to be referred for a diagnostic BMD.

  • This one is a really valuable health indicator – it represents your visceral adipose tissue (VAT) or internal fat area. Do you remember these ads with the guy getting older and slower as his waistline expanded? The message in these ads was that your waist measurement is a strong indicator of increased risk for diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Well, your DEXA VAT value is a more specific measurement of the same thing… a VAT area of more than 100cms is associated with increased disease risk and your report will reveal if you are at risk.

We've got a sample DEXA report here you can check out 

We've aslo got an infographic to summarise everything we've said here.

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