Before your scan

We've said it before.... If you’re monitoring your percentage body fat and measuring your muscle mass, you are working hard to get some changes. You’ve been sweating and sacrificing to lose a few kilograms of fat or gain a few of muscle.

So you don’t want a DEXA scan result that is accurate to within a few kilos… you want it down to the gram!

In a body composition consultation at Physique Science, we promise we can identify changes in body fat and muscle mass of as little as 200-300g… and that's as tight as it gets. 

But to achieve this degree of accuracy, what YOU do before your scans does matter... no matter what the others might say. And we've done some serious research to prove it.

Here's what we recommend...

  • Come for your scan fasted… that means nothing to eat or drink since the night before and empty your bladder prior to your scan
  • But eat well the day before with a sensible amount of quality carbs (we'll explain this a bit more below when we get a bit geeky about glycogen)
  • And be well hydrated for your scan.... I know we just said don't drink anything in the morning before your scan but if you drink 1-2 glasses of water with each meal/snack the day before, you'll be hydrated enough
  • And finally, don't train in the morning before your scan. So this is where we have to get a bit geeky but it’s about having your muscle glycogen stores full. What the hell does that mean? Well, to keep it as simple as we can, changes in your muscle energy reserves (glycogen) can impact on the measurement of muscle mass. So say you have really pulled back on the carbs in recent weeks or had heavy training the day before, then you'll find you are a bit glycogen depleted and that will mean the measure of muscle mass could look like it's lower by more than 1.5kg.

These factors are not unique to our scanner – they affect every DEXA scanner no matter others may say. We want you to get the most accurate result… following our prep recommendations will make a difference. If you want confidence in your results, this is the best way to achieve it.

Ooopps – one more thing and this is EASY! Wear clothes that don’t contain any metal, including zips, clips etc. We have disposable gowns available if needed. Hot tip ladies… those Lorna Jane tops more often than not have a little metal LJ dangly thing somewhere so take a little extra look.

We've been studying DEXA and body composition for 15 years... we may make recommendations that others don't... but we also offer assurance of accuracy down to a few hundred grams that others can't (no matter what they say).

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