Mission, Vision and Values

DEXA is the ultimate body fat calculator and lean muscle monitor. We are dedicated to using DEXA in body composition analysis for anyone who is passionate or motivated about their fitness and physique.

The Physique Science team is Brisbane's DEXA expert for the most comprehensive body composition consultation service in Queensland.

Our Vision 

To promote the responsible use of DEXA for body composition assessment to measure and manage your health and fitness goals.  

Our Mission

To offer you the ultimate body fat calculator and lean muscle monitor using reliable and proven techniques.

Our Values 

  • Inspire Excellence: We will give our personal best to motivate you to achieve your personal best 
  • Act with Scientific Integrity: Evidence-based practice in technology and technique for every client  
  • Deliver Accuracy: Precision, care, consistency and honesty our clients can depend on for planning their goals and assessing their performance 
  • Create an experience our clients will remember: Satisfied clients? Satisfaction is average... we aim for outstanding... every time!
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