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If you’re monitoring your percentage body fat and muscle mass, you are working hard to achieve some changes. You’ve been sweating and sacrificing to lose a few kilograms of fat or gain a few of muscle.

So you don’t want a scan result that is accurate to within a few kilos… you want it down to the gram!

An appointment with us at Physique Science in Brisbane can identify changes in body fat and muscle mass of as little as 200-300g… and we’ll tell you straight up that’s as tight as it gets. Other tools like underwater weighing, Bodpod, bioelectrical impedance and skinfold (calipers) measurements are accurate to between 1-2kg no matter what they might tell you.

We can get our range this tight because we specialise in using DEXA to measure body composition...

·        We are not part of a general medical imaging (or x-ray) practice… we scan and assess your full body composition so we will recommend and outline prep to follow before your scan.

·        But the prep’s not hard… When you book we will send you an email with some recommendations for what to eat and drink in the lead up to your scan including overnight fasting (and here’s why)

·        It will sound a bit geeky but our team has been studying DEXA for 15 years and we recommend this because it will get you the most accurate result that can be compared to future scans.

·        And the good news is.. we open from 5am so you don’t have to go hungry for long and you might still squeeze in a workout after your scan.

No matter what others may say, the prep DOES matter! We are the experts in measuring body composition in Queensland.

If you can't measure it, you can't manage it

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